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Like One of the Family
"Kay and her team of support professionals have looked after my Aunt, Father and Mother as each aged and needed assistance. Initially recommended by a professional eldercare consultant, Care 2000 became a reliable advisor, and eventually, part of the family. The relationship has spanned several years, and grew to be one of complete trust...

Over the period, the Care 2000 team helped with changing health needs, emergency trips to hospitals, and moves between care facilities. Providing daily support, the care workers each brought a sense of independence to those in their care, through their warm attention,
practicality and genuine concern. They laughed and cried with our parents, and gave us a genuine sense of wellbeing. In an emergency, you could count on them completely... Kay's medical background was a reliable touchstone on a number of occasions.

I cannot imagine better support, and recommend Care 2000 without reservation...

No doubt in my mind that you and your team are the best in the business. I hope we meet again... "

- Christopher M., P.Eng., Energy Executive,

Petroleum Engineer, Silversmith, Nautical Antiques, and Kinetic SculpturesSkilled, Trustworthy and Compassionate Care

"I just wanted to write and formally record my appreciation for all of your assistance in arranging home care for my mother. Your diligence, efficiency and compassion were invaluable to our family, and very much appreciated. It was very reassuring to have you on the job. Every single one of the health care aides you provided was similarly competent, well informed and trustworthy. I will highly recommend you to anyone who needs help."

- Margaret Atwood, author, poet and environmental activist

Precise Matching of Caregivers to Our Specific Needs

"I thought Care 2000's matching of caregivers to our particular situation was excellent – uncanny even! We could not have handled this without your help. Many thanks to you all."

- E. H.

Dependable Care, Always Focused on Mom’s Best Interests

"For the past eight years, Care 2000 has been providing exemplary quality care to my mother first in her own home, then briefly in hospital, and now in a long term care facility. The continuity and consistency of the care have contributed significantly to my mother's overall wellbeing despite her deteriorating health. The professionalism, absolute dependability and dedication of the caregivers and the Care 2000 organization have been unwavering and unparalleled. I trust them at all times to do what is always in my mother's best interests."

- Elizabeth C., Ph.D., Professor, Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, University of Toronto

Gave Our Family Peace of Mind

"A note of appreciation to you and your staff for the fine services offered and provided. Without your organization, our family would lack the peace of mind knowing our mother was continually cared for with empathy, concern and quality. The dignity she maintained was a direct result of the services provided by Care 2000. These services are of the utmost importance and we sincerely thank you and your staff for all your efforts."

- M. D.

You are to Be Commended for Your Patience and Outstanding Care

"I wanted to enclose a few thoughts with this questionnaire. First of all, I don’t want you to think that I just casually gave Care 2000 an excellent rating. The truth is that I gave this a lot of thought and couldn’t think of a single instance where you could have handled things in a more professional manner. Mom was a challenge for all of us, but you somehow always managed to deal with each crisis as it came and you never gave up on her. I’m still not completely used to the idea that Mom is gone forever. Whenever the phone rings a little too late at night, I wake up thinking, “Oh, God, what’s happened now?” I also wish that I could have been more patient the last few weeks she was alive. I really was at the end of my rope. Unfortunately, some of the hardest lessons we learn are from hindsight.

As far as the agency is concerned, you and the caregivers are to be commended for the quality of service you provided. Mom had so many medications to take, and it was a big responsibility not only to administer the drugs but also to keep them ordered on time from the drug store, and to keep her from taking additional dosages which she sometimes demanded. In addition, it was quite stressful taking Mom to the mall, but somehow, when she was well enough, one of the girls always managed to take her there. Then of course there were the semi-monthly blood transfusions. Even though it doesn’t sound like a lot of work, it meant getting up at six o’clock to get Mom ready and then sending anywhere from 8 to 12 hours sitting in a chair just waiting. I really found those to be long and tiring days. Each of the caregivers provided exceptional service, even though it was often under duress. I miss my mother every day; however, I must acknowledge the fact that she could try even Mother Theresa’s patience.

In closing I want to thank you personally for always going that extra mile and for going above and beyond the call of duty on so many occasions. I know that your phone also rang late at night and early in the morning. You of all people bore the brunt of Mom’s temper tantrums. You heard from the girls, then from Mom, and then often from me. You were able to negotiate each situation, even though it sometimes seemed impossible. When everyone else was fed up with Mom, you never gave up. For that, Mrs. S., I am eternally grateful.

I sincerely wish you great success and happiness always. Please feel free to use me as a reference at any time in the future."

- D. Q.

Our Caregiver Became Like a Daughter to Mom

"What would I ever have done without Care 2000 when my mother, Sarah N., was released from Riverdale Hospital in 1997? It was a very difficult time for me, worrying about how I was going to be able to look after Mother when she came to live with me. Thank you for your help in finding capable people to take care of her and make the last year and a half of her life so comfortable.

Lina was with Mother from January 2, 1997, to September 1997 and was very kind, considerate and a great deal of help. My family will always be grateful to her for everything.

Espy was with Mother for the last year and a half and was not only a companion/nurse but was also like a daughter to Mother. Espy’s wonderful care and companionship made my mother very happy and contented during the last year and a half of her life. I don’t know what we would have done without her. She will be sorely missed and you can be sure if I or anyone in my family ever needs someone to look after them and act as a companion, we will certainly want Espy back.

Thanks again for all your help."

- C. C.

My Mom’s Birthday

"Thank you very much for the birthday party held to honour my mother’s 82nd birthday. My husband, S. C., was in Toronto that week and was in attendance for the party. He thought it was wonderful!"

- S. M.

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