Starting the Conversation: THE SOONER THE BETTER

No matter how much you love your parents and how much energy you have, there may come a time when it gets to be too much .You may need support sooner rather than later. Start taking care of yourself - CALL US TODAY 416-447-8409

Let us start by saying

The words “you need help” are as hard to say as they are to hear. It may be difficult to start the conversation but this could be one of the most important talks that you have with your parents or loved ones. It’s really more of a process, just remember family conflict can become more frequent as health declines and important decisions such as power of attorney, personal care POA leading to end of life gets closer.

Wouldn’t it be helpful if you started the process now

Before crisis occurs and when everyone involved can fully participate, ask your parents or loved ones about their personal legacy. How do they want to leave their mark on the world?

  • Talk about advance directives.
  • Have an open discussion about finances.
  • Be patient, it is as hard for them as it is for you.
  • Take it one step at a time and listen patiently.

Will having home care services result in loss of independence for my loved one?

No, it does not result in a loss of independence which is happily proven throughout our extensive experience with clients. On the contrary Care 2000’s home care assistance retains and reinforces the level of independence for client as much as possible by allowing clients to feel safe, secure, well cared for and free from anxiety. Our caregivers engage in activities which your loved one enjoys such as: playing cards, scrabble etc. This will allow you to go out for few hours without worrying about them.

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Let our dedicated nurses help give your loved one the support they need so they can live in their own home and enjoy their vintage years. If you’re considering home care in North York and the GTA, don’t hesitate: contact us today.